Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Christian Chivu

looks like he definitely is off to Inter after all. Damn. I think we've screwed a bit more cash out of them than expected, so there's a silver lining. Just that if he were having to leave it would be better if he went abroad. I hate playing against ex-players. And obviously his close resemblance to my ex-fiancé meant I always had a soft spot for him. Ah well. Onwards and upwards. He's an intelligent and thoughtful chap with political ambitions for building a better Romania after his retirement, and I wish him well. I hope Inter treat him well.


Aussie Romanista said...

oh well he can learn Spanish with the Argies. Adios!

Are you going to the 80 years celebration at the Olimpico tonight??

I'm trying to find fotos of the new playing shirts and kits. No luck so far. If you know where they might be on the net can you point me there or post them up?

ursus arctos said...

AR, you may not want to look much further after seeing what they wore against Dortmund.

BVB's are arguably worse, but the Giallorossi really deserve better than huge kappa mudflap (boy and) girl(s). The people who did the classic Barilla lupachiotto kit are likely still in tears.

We'll keep an eye on Chivu for you. I think he has the potential to become the new J. Zanetti.

egan said...

Political ambitions to build a better Romania after retirement? That sounds intriguing, if a little naive. Or maybe disingenuous.

Spangly Princess said...

Naive, possibly, but sincere. He has been invovled in trying to promote a better image of Romania and Romanians here in Italy where they are the subject of an enormous amount of racist prejudice. And he goes out of his way to get involved in, for instance, Vatican celebrations of the Romanian Catholic Church.

He was interviewed if I remember correctly after the accession of Romania on 1 Jan this year, and talked a lot about his hopes for the country, tackling corruption, improving education etc. I shall hunt through my back issues of Roma magazines to see if I can find an interview with him.

Oh and there's the Christian Chivu Foundation which does lots of medical work in Romania, works with kids, supports sports for young people & the disabled, sends famnilies to disneyland, that kind of malarkey. his website is at if, like me (and doubtless De Vertalerin) you have the inclination to peruse some Romanian and wonder whether it might be a fun and easy language to pick up. Or just admire his photos, obviously.

As for the new shirts, I think it's not yet fully settled, since we're still waiting on a sponsor.

ginkers said...

I always liked Chivu as a player and I never like to see someone go to be a bit-part player at a bigger club (no offence meant to Roma). I hope he gets a regular first team place.

I suppose it is the classic conundrum for all footballers. Do you stay at a team where you are loved but - quite likely - won't win much or do you move on and get trophies but never the same adulation?

I know if I was any use I would be a Viola man for life!

ursus arctos said...

Ah, I see that Spangles unsurprisingly draws commenters with exquisite taste in football clubs.

Mancini has said that Chivu will be a very key part of the Inter setup; I fully expect him to make at least 30 appearances in the league and would not be at all surprised if he permanently supplants Cordoba in central defence by Christmas (or if Mancini uses him in midfield, as he has been doing with Zanetti). Also keep in mind that Chivu already played with both Ibra and Maxwell at Ajax, so he won't be coming in cold.

The charitable stuff will fit in well with Zanetti's work in Argentina and the whole Inter Campus ethic (there already is one in Romania). I expect Chivu will also be visiting the youth club that Zanetti and Cambiasso have set up. I wonder if he has views on the Zapatistas yet.

Spangles, dear, you've been looking for a sponsor for two years now. Perhaps Zio Walter can get the PD to throw a few euros your way?

egan said...

Good to hear my cynicism is completely unfounded. from what little I've read about Romanian politics I get the impression they could do with someone like him.

Aussie Romanista said...

That shirt is disgusting. Nothing on the original Roma kappa shirt (1983).
No need for the huge kappa shoulder logos. The SPQR is a nice touch for pre-season friendlies, something different. But I hope it doesn't stay during the season just because there is no sponsor.
Last season's home and away shirts were excellent, except the grey. My all time favourite Roma shirt is the 1989-90 white long sleeve ennere(nr)/Barilla shirt. I used to have the red one.

Check out this classic!

I found the pics at

Paul de Man said...

I don't understand. Why do they need a new shirt every season? I'm vain, but I don't think even I manage that kind of turnover.
Baffled in Botley

ginkers said...

Paul, it's all about the money. The poor fans have to fork out to get the right strip every season or look like they are not proper supporters.

de vertalerin said...

I quite like having a shirt which suggests I didn't become a fan yesterday, but then I'm a bit sensitive about only having discovered football at the age of 49.

Aussie Romanista said...

I agree. Older shirts are sometimes the best ones.
I think it was Man Utd who started the trend of 3 different kits each season. Then others picked up on it, even offering one or two goalkeeper gerseys... it never ends. But at the end of the day, it's all about supply and demand, and the demand is there.
The last few Roma shirts without a sponsor have been the best time to buy one, because who wants to walk around displaying Mazda or INA Assitalia (which is easy to poke fun at). I've got both. Plus the scudetto shirt, plus home and away Asics/Nuova Tirrena shirts, plus heaps of other clubs. We should all make a list of what shirts we have of each club and type. Maybe you should do it on your blog ginkers. Would be interesting.

Paul de Man said...

I'll always remember the United grey away strip palava when after halftime against Southhampton in ?94 they came back out in red because they felt the grey was unlucky. Wouldn't it just be easier if home teams played in white and away teams in black? Wouldn't it just make more sense? I don't know, you'd think that clubs were exploitatively out to make a buck, or something. Heavens forfend.

ursus arctos said...

The grey weren't "unlucky", Ferguson attributed his team's getting tonked by Southampton to their inability to see each other.

The kit changes are especially idiotic in Italy, given that it is quite rare for any Italian tifoso over the age of about 14 to wear a new replica kit.

Spangly Princess said...

Now now, PdM, you're just being naughty there. You know very well how important outward and visible symbols are in a collective self-fashioned identity.

AR, I might have to do a retro shirt post at some stage.

TrentToffee said...

I hate to admit this but the new Man Utd shirt is (IMHO) possibly the coolest shirt that I've seen in an age. It's wonderful. It's a lovely shade of Red (which is the killer), The club badge, and the Nike logo. It's very simple, and elegant. They're not getting my money though. Red f*ckers !