Monday, 25 June 2007

shopping spree

Summer transfer rumours, hey. They're the only sign that summer is actually happening here in the UK, I must say, so let's enjoy.

For Roma, since the Brasilian Juan has signed and we have comfimration that both Pizarro and Mexes will be staying, current speculation is focusing on Christian Chivu. He is very unlikely to stay - he rightly wants a starting place but I can't imagine we've bought Juan to sit on the bench - so he is off. Inter have been chief suitors but Roma are understandably reluctant to sell to a rival, and Inter are also being much criticised for teh number of foreign players they're fielding, and so would maybe like to buy an Italian. So Barcelona look like the most likely destination for Chivu, who as I may have mentioned before looks remarkably like my ex. If he goes there he gets to play alongside Thierry Henry, who has now at long last put a stop to the shillyshallying and gone, as we all knew he was going to. I think my mother will be very upset, but it has seemed to me that in the last year he had cheifly a destabilising influence on the Arsenal side.

Anyway we need wingers and wing-backs, and may be buying 3 or 4. We need back-up in all 4 external positions, really. Cassetti may be planning to leave, we still don't know, thouigh he has confirmed he would never go to Lazio who have been courting him: Wilhelmsson is another laon player who may or may not be staying, more likely not I think: Spurs are interested, apparently. Breaking news is that Cagliari winger Mauro Esposito has signed (in shared ownership). Other possible targets include Semioli (yet again) who is certain to leave relegated Chievo, but Roma face stiff competition from Fiorentina; Cicinho, who is apparently fed up with Spain; Zenden (Ha! speriamo di no!): or Modesto, from Reggina, who I think could be a could option for us. Other rumoured links are RiganĂ² or Di Natale, up front, and Atalanta's highly-rated centre midfielder Doni. Time will tell. Meanwhile Tavano is off, and there is interest in at least loan deals for Rosi and Faty, two of our more promising youngsters.

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De Vertalerin said...

No, you mother isn't very upset about Henry. I think he has given us his best, we were without him most of last year anyway and we frankly missed van Persie more. The only sense in which it's a blow is psychological; it makes us look smaller, less like we're contenders. There are more worrying things than him going happening at Arsenal right now.(I was amused to hear that he's gone off to Barça to win the champion's league though. Cheeky fucker. If he'd taken his chances he could have won it last year with us).