Sunday, 10 June 2007

end of season

So along with Juve, Napoli (2nd) and Genoa (3rd) have been automatically promoted into Serie A. The 3rd place playoff (or playout as they say here incomprehensibly) between 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th is only held when there are fewer than 10 points between 3rd & 4th. In this case Piacenza in 4th finished 10 points behind Genoa, so no playoffs are held. This is in some ways not really a fair reflection of how exciting the season has been in Serie B, but I can't be sorry that 3 really big teams are coming up: there's far too many no-mark sides in Serie A and I can't feel that (sorry) Piacenza or Rimini would add any lustre to the competition.

At the other end, Arezzo's fight against relegation has failed so it's C1 for them next year, along with Pescara & Crotone. So now the only thing we are still waiting on, football-wise, is the end of the Spanish season and the golden boot, which all depends on Ruud van Nistelrooy not scoring more than 2 goals in the remaining games.


egan said...

Bit of a stab in the dark this, but has Roman Eremenko done alright this season? He came into the Finland team last Wednesday (no Litmanen, no Hyypia) and ran the game by all accounts. Any chance he might go back to Udinese next season, and more importantly get a game for them?

Romanista said...

Benvenuto Napoli.