Tuesday, 8 May 2007

yay for me

As Princesses go, I'm one of the Spangliest, but also one of the Laziest. So I am quite proud of myself that tonight, only 3 short months after first collecting the leaflet and forming the intention to go, I went & signed up at my local private swimming pool and actually WENT SWIMMING! Get me and my physical exercise. Have signed up along with both my flatmates so that the three of us can hassle one another into going regularly. Yay. Ish. Soon I shall be a Less Unfit Princess, with a bit of luck/effort. Here's hoping.


codazzo said...

swimming is fashionable, I must say.
A girl friend of mine was talking to another girl friend of mine the other day and a conversation ensued on the lines of:
"so what are you up to?"
"uh, I'm going swimming"
"oh nice"
"yeah. it's going to make my ass more checkable"

(she did use that word. hilarious.)
hey good for you, I bought a bike the other day and I'm currently exploring the endless possibilities of taking wonderful rides in... uh.. Milan. whatevurr. :D
ciao princess

Anonymous said...

hands up who wonders what she looks like now?

punk said...

ah swimming!
proprio ieri ho ricominciato a nuotare dopo un certo periodo di inattività
e che fatica!

TrentToffee said...

...it's effort girl, effort ! No luck involved. Remember, "no pain no gain".

Go to it :o)

Spangly Princess said...

yeah... effort... that's the problem isn't it. here's where the whole 'laziness' part comes in, alas. And AR... I am not one of those women with poor body image who always bangs on about their weight. I'm quite happy with how I look, though of course I'd like a little less wibble around the middle sometimes - who wouldn't? mainly I want to feel more fit and energetic, and perhaps a bit more toned, rather than lose weight - though that would of course be a bonus if it happened.

Aussie Romanista said...

I feel exactly the same way!