Wednesday, 9 May 2007


... so if you, as a fan, were wanting to go to a major sporting event, one of the most important in the calendar, would you want to know when it was before you bought your ticket? If, say, it were to be on a weekday, you might really need to know what time it would start so as to be able to plan or make arrangements with work?

If you, imagining yourself to be the government department responsibile for approving major sporting events, needed to set the time of such an occasion, how far in advance would you make your decision? Would it be, say 48 hours before kick off?

FOURTY EIGHT HOURS? The Osservatorio Nazionale sulle Manifestazione Sportivi, which is the relevant section of the ministry of the Interior, announced on Monday evening what time we would play the Final of the Coppa Italia. Monday. Nice one. Under discussion was the possibility of trouble and the best time to play the game in the interests of public order and crowd safety (not, incidentally, synonymous). Options ranged from 15h (Sunday time) to 20.45h (Champions' League time) and various points in between. They've settled for 18h.

a few questions:

a) why could this not be decided before Monday evening? how are working people supposed to organise themselves for a match if they don't know when it is? especially if travelling from Milan?

b) why would the game be dangerous at 20h but not a 18h? what kind of bollocks is this?

c) why can Inter-Roma next week be played at 20.45 but Roma-Inter has to be 18h when the same two sets of fans are involved?

d) why can Inter-Roma next week be played at 20.45 when Inter-Roma on April 18 was a high risk match which had to be played at 18.30? has the intervening month changed everything?

e) do fans' interests ever enter your calculations?

f) what kind of half-arsed shonky fucking enterprise are you running here?

this has really fucked me off. It doesn't affect me personally at all, of course, I can work or not work whenever the mood takes me and I could still go if they kickoff was 03.23 which doubtless some arsehole will soon be proposing. But it sums up the incompetence, inefficiency, and total lack of interest in actual matchgoing fans that characterises the government and the state at all its levels when dealing with football. Grr.

Oh and apparently they've not decided yet whether to sell any tickets to away fans for the return leg next week. Perhaps they'll decide next Monday. After all, 48 hours' notice is PLENTY of time to organise an overnight midweek trip to the other end of the country, right?


Aussie Romanista said...

Wilkommen aus Italien.
Bienvenidos in Italia.
Benvenuto in Italia.
Welcome to Italy.

Forza Roma facci 4 gol contro quella squadra di merda!!!!

De Vertalerin said...

Aussie romanista is quite right, you know. You have to be able to tolerate this kind of crap without apoplexy to live in Italy.

Spangly Princess said...

but this is new! this is NEW CRAP! this is part of the Amato-Melandri system making the game safer and more family friendly! (ha yeah right, much easier to take your family to the game if you have less then 48 hrs to organise it)

I've seen through their ploy: if they make it impossible for any fans to ever go to any football ever again then maybe, just maybe, there'd be less crowd trouble. Genius.

punk said...

purtroppo è la realtà
ci dobbiamo attenere a queste cose!
avrei preferito un orario più consono alle 20.45...

Peter Kenyon said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that fans nothing more than mug punters ready to be fleeced and fucked about at every available opportunity. What's more, you silly Eye Ties should be charging them a whole lot more for the privilege. I mean, 15 Euros for a ticket in the most atmospheric stand in the ground? That's madness. Make it 60 and I'll come back to you.

TrentToffee said...

Cuckoo Cuckoo...only in Italy.

SP, you're a gem :o)

martinobhoy said...

To be fair it's not just in Italy. In Scotland we managed to organise an away game in Inverness for fans from Paisley (about 500 mile round trip) on Jan 1st. So public holiday, no public transport and a trip to the north of Scotland in the middle of winter on roads that aint exactly motorways.

martinobhoy said...

Sorry that should be 300 mile round trip but it is still feckin stupid.

Albert Herring said...

So the third division playoff semis have two slots, one on consecutive Friday evenings, one on Sundays. So which one gets selected for Yeovil v Forest, given that Forest have the largest support in the division by a fair amount?

TrentToffee said...

SP, As an observation, it appears to me that you appear to be rather popular with readers from Nottingham (de vertalerin, Albert Herring, myself).


Spangly Princess said...

TT I should come clean: De V & Albert are family members. Not that I've ever lived in Nottingham myself.