Sunday, 20 May 2007


Today I went to the seaside with some girlfriends. The nearest beach to Rome is Ostia Lido which is tiny and massively over-crowded as well as privately owned, with each section having its own bar, showers, changing rooms etc & charging you €10 or so per day, and is generally not that nice at all. But if you drive about 10 minutes south you come to the municipal beach, which is larger, roomier, less mental and surrounded by dunes and vegetation. It is altogether more pleasant and there's still a place to buy a panino and rent a lounger. Both of which we did.

My skin is on the extremely fair side, so the day involved much slathering on of high SPF sun creams and sprays. Sunburn thus *almost* entirely avoided. The sea was lovely and cool, and the dunes lovely to walk through, with yellow flowering broom everywhere. *happy*

Oh, Totti scored two goals as Cagliari beat us 3-2. Vital points for them, vital goals in Totti's pursuit of the golden boot for him - his domestic top scorer title looks safe - he needs 2 goals next week against Messina to take the European title too.

And 2 comments from new readers - yay - welcome. Have a cupcake.


claude said...

Hey - what a lovely day. I had a good one too - though too much Pope made me misread dunes as dunces.

Spangly Princess said...

hehe a lovely beach surrounded by sandy dunces.

The Mysterious Mysterio said...

Claude, have I ever told you that you're my hero? You remind me of a more rugged version of Hugh Grant, only with less decisiveness and less likely to be caught with an ugly hooker.