Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Roma 0 - 0 Lazio

You wait for ages, getting steadily more impatient, the anticipation building up, excitement beginning to grow, a sense of tension... then the moment finally arrives and it's an enormous anticlimax, fantastically unexciting, even dull. This applies equally to you, Dear Readers, awaiting - I flatter myself - my post on the derby, and uncoincidentally the derby itself.

The score itself isn't necessarily an indication of dullness of course, there can be exciting 0-0 draws. This wasn't one of them. On the contrary. Totti was so far from fit as to be less than useless, and as ever without him it all disintegrated. Our centrebacks and De Rossi looked good but otherwise we were poor, the three trequartisti all looked off the pace and, like Lazio, produced much bustle but few concrete chances.

As you can see, the tifo was as unexciting as the game, the fans protesting against the absurd new legislation by not organising any kind of coreografia. Nor were there any striscioni etc. A guy in front of me at the turnstiles had his hand-painted banner confiscated: it read "Undici anni in B" (refering to Lazio's 11 years in Serie B). Clearly this vile, inflammaratory and obscene utterance was in flagrant contravention of the new rules which are meant to outlaw racism, xenophobia and incitement to violence, and the police duly bundled it away from him and into a metal locker. You can collect it after the match if you want it, they said. I'm sure he'll have been keen to do so since it will obviously be very useful in other contexts. Oh yes there was a bit of scuffling outside the ground before the game, a few idiots chucking beer bottles at the riot police, who promptly charged in various different directions. Handbags really.
(pictures taken from the Tribuna Tevere by the visiting Chelsea Boy)

Anyway there was a bit of sulking and a lot of frustration after this frankly insipid occasion. Lazio lost their 3rd spot but that was the closest we got to excitement really. Meanwhile Inter were celebrating at home in front of their ecstatic fans after polishing off Empoli. Don't worry, no more Interisti pictures! Off to the Vatican now to entertain my visitor with Papal fun.


ginkers said...

I didnt watch the whole thing but it looked like a bit of a damp squib. Both sides looked a bit spent after a hard season.

Taking away the great choreography is ripping a huge chunk out of Italian football. Some of the banners were brilliant, I remember the giant wheelchair Romanisti put up for Gazza at one derby. And the show Florence put on when Baggio came back with Juve was immense. Lose that and you lose one of the things which makes Serie A special.

Pat said...

don't you wish you were a milanista!!

de vertalerin said...

I'd disown her if she were.