Saturday, 19 May 2007


the cakes baked last night and depicted below were all in honour of my friend's birthday & housewarming party. She bought a place in the country some 3 years ago & has been doing it up ever since - it was an ex-chicken farm come general storage place when she bought it, and the first time I ever saw it was full of rusting boats where precipitation entered at will, uninhibited by such mundanities as a proper roof. Today for the first time it is ready to host guests, and mighty lovely it is too. The party was fun and the place is just spectacular.

The terrace:

view from the terrace 1:

view from the terrace 2:

view towards the house from the terrace, which is equipped with a barbeque with extravagant campanile style chimney:

Inside: looking through the arches to the dining room from the living room.

The dining room and view:

View from the master bedroom:

were it mine you might legitimately accuse me of showing off. as it is I feel pretty smug just to get invited there every now and then. The cakes, I'm happy to say, were universally popular, both the chocolate cupcakes and the torta ai frutti di bosco vanishing rapidly. It was a lovely afternoon with plenty of wine and barbecued steak and delicious salads and cheese and salami and grilled vegetables and laughter and good company. After I'd helped my friend to clear up and wash the dishes I wandered down to the lake by myself - there's a steep path in her garden which leads down the hill - and paddled my feet in the cool water and enjoyed the silence of the late afternoon sunshine.


punk said...

bella casa!

voodoo girl said...

like your blog though i got jealous of this one =)
also i've put your link on my page if that's ok

take care

martinobhoy said...

If I had friends with a house like that they would never get rid of me.

Been away for a while so congrats on the Cup win.

ems said...

Looks fantastic...very jealous.