Wednesday, 16 May 2007

one of those crap days

where you do nothing and hate yourself for it.

I have no telly so am not watching Espanyol lose to Seville.

I have no ticket for tomorrow's match, which I guess at least saves me money on the train trip up to Milan.

I have a headache.

I bought some salted almonds because the ones I ate in Valencia were delicious but these aren't so nice. They taste... dusty and not of being on holiday.

That's all.


claude said...

I actually miss your posts about Ultras.

codazzo said...

uh, i will add nothing to the beauty of this video

:) cheer up hey

Aussie Romanista said...

You don't need a ticket. Get on a train, get to San Siro and get a ticket at the biglietteria. I can't see the stadium being sold out. If it is then do a deal with a bargherino.

Aussie Romanista said...

I hope he lifts the Coppa Italia tonight, but give me Gattuso over Totti any day.

From an article on Channel 4 Football Italia today:

" ‘Rino’ was a key figure in Italy’s 2006 World Cup triumph and disagrees with Francesco Totti, who said before Roma’s Champions League quarter-final with Manchester United that for him this was more important than that night in Berlin.

“I don’t want to cause controversy with Francesco and perhaps he said that because his rapport with Roma is special, being their first quarter-final in a long time… but the Nazionale is another matter entirely.

“You cannot compare it to the Champions League. When I wear the Azzurri shirt and represent my country, it is an indescribable joy.” "

Reminds me of a striscione at the Italy-Yugoslavia (1-1) euro qualifier in Napoli in 2002, which I was at: "Vogliamo guerrieri, non modelli. Grazie Ringhio!"

claude said...

who is that man, and why is he going insane on national tv? Poor fellow.

claude said...

And can we also take a moment to marvel at the inclusiveness of the word 'canzone'.

Spangly Princess said...

AR: you can no longer buy tickets on the day of any match, it's not possible. I could have got an Inter ticket but I'm not spending €100 & 9 hours on trains to not be able to sing and jump up and down properly. And finally touts are scum & I would never buy a touted ticket.

As for the video.... now I see what I've *really* been missing out on by not having a telly! hahahah