Monday, 14 May 2007

end of season

so the Premiership is over for another year. I don't talk about English footie much - I catch a game maybe once a month on the telly, if that, and every now and then read some online reports. I am pleased that Everton did well, disappointed that Arsenal didn't do better, glad that Sheffield United have gone down and curious to see more of Carlos Tevez. Well, not more of *him*, he's no Freddie Ljungberg is he, just more of him on the pitch. I feel all a bit disconnected from it though, and get most of my English football news via 40% or OTF or other people's blogs, with a concomitantly distorting effect.

anyway our own season is drawing to a close, with only 2 matches to go, and given that the top 4 are pretty settled, Milan and Lazio fighting over who finished higher but both already certain of Champions' League football next season, all teh excitement is down the bottom. With Ascoli and Messina already down, the final relegation spot could end up snaffling any one of 8 teams:

Livorno 39
Torino 39
Parma 38
Catania 38
Siena 37
Cagliari 37
Reggina 36
Chievo 36
Messina 25
Ascoli 24

A surprise 4-1 win yesterday over Messina for Claudio Ranieri's Parma has given them a big boost. Catania's excellent start to the season has been all but undone by their terrible form since February, partly the result of playing at closed neutral grounds for 4 months. Meanwhile Livorno and Torino *should* be ok but still have to play one another next week. We made our own contribution by sleepily handing Torino 3 points on a hot, lazy afternoon with half the first team rested ahead of Thursday's big final. Totti had been up all night attending the brith of his new baby daughter, and didn't have a single shot on goal. His name-chosing skills were also evidently undermined by the long night, as la Tottina has been named Chanel. Or possibly Chanelle. Depending on which newspaper you read. Urgh. But with 2nd place guaranteed and the Cup still to win no-one managed to get too upset on Sunday. Fans and players alike were lethargic, even the Curva Sud was quiet and not as full as usual, and by the last twenty minutes of the match the chief source of entertainment was various ultras groups holding mass water fights with one another.

As for a ticket for thursday: see if you can think of a well-known phrase involving the following words: brewery. piss-up. And which reflects accurately the ticketing arrangements for yet another important game. I can't be arsed to burden you with the details, they're too tedious and irritating to even type. Let's just keep hoping.


claude said...

Thank you for using the word concomitant. You know it makes me happy.

Aussie Romanista said...

are you going to Milano for the game?

Antonio Gurrado said...

Siena will possibly join Ascoli and Messina. I bet a beer on it. And coraggio for Thursday match!


TrentToffee said...

...and another thing. What kind of crap name is Mr Enrich for a club mascot hoolie ? Shouldn't it be Giuseppe Leone-Cuore or something ?