Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Coppa Italia, Final (Andata): Roma 6 (SIX) - Inter 2 (TWO)




Oh come off it you don't come here for rational analysis do you? You come here to watch me get shouty and overexcited and tell you funny stories. Like putting six past the newly crowned champions in the Cup Final, that's pretty fucking funny. Like going three-nil up in the first 16 minutes, that also made me giggle.

It went like this:
Totti 1'
De Rossi 5'
Perrotta 16'
[Crespo 20']
Mancini 30'
Panucci 54'
[Crespo 56']
Panucci 88'

Crespo played well for them.Both his goals were essentially the result of defensive cock-ups though. And Figo was alright. That's it. Toldo looked asleep, collectively they looked as thoug they'd been celebrating just a little two hard. They got nervy and earned some needless yellow cards; they had a good spell in the second half but little came of it and though the scoreline might be a tiny bit unfair in some respects, we missed plenty of chances too. We just wanted it more (and too fucking right... 3rd consecutive Cup Final vs Inter, the last two lost, and the Final two years before lost to Milan as well.)

For us Panucci was brilliant, as was De Rossi, Totti & Taddei both excellent Chivu solid filling in on the left and Pizarro (apart from the dodgy back-pass for Crespo's first) pivotal. But everyone played well really. BRING ON NEXT WEEK. Ah yes, tickets are on sale via the Banca Popolare di Milano... does anyone else find the idea of going to a branch of a bank to buy your match tickets a bit odd...?

Barbera, champagne
Stasera beviam
Per colpa della Roma lalala
Per colpa della Roma lalala
Ai nostri color
Stasera beviam
un bicchiere di barbera
e una coppa di champagne!


Pat said...

What a result, i had to check a few reports before I could believe it.

claude said...

Football makes lunatics. I just don't understand what could persuade anyone to invest in a sport where you could lose 7-1 one month and beat your arch rivals 6-2 the next. It's all clearly randomly determined.

Spangly Princess said...

Claude, take the icy cold of your so-called Logic and get its brutality hence, I want no part of it.

"La Roma non si discuta, si ama." That about sums it up.

claude said...

Hehe, fair enough. You know, if you log into your livejournal account then you can read all my livejournal entries that I have started writing agian for last few months. I guess I forgot to say. I'd kindo f like to spak to you about ladies, too. If you're up could we msn?

Antonio Gurrado said...

Bravissimi, fateli soffrire!
So next scudetto - when we will have back a normal non-Inter-devoted Serie A - is a matter between Roma and Fiorentina, isn't it?


De Vertalerin said...

If there were no random element we wouldn't need matches. We could just feed the data into a 'puter and award the Cup on the result. Would save a lot of trouble, someone should suggest it to the authorities.

Aussie Romanista said...

and that bunch of pathetic-ass shit excuse for a club thinks it's the champions of Italy?
Let's just be plainly honest... They are fucked.
It's about time we showed them up for the shit that they have always been, are now, and will always be.
Inter Inter vaffanculo!
Forza Magica Roma!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's the Inter we all know. I had to laugh when Mancini took Figo off for Vieira. Did he want to lock it up???
Consider this if you don't believe that Inter are fucked: Inter's best player plays for Roma.
Chivu should never play in the middle of the defence again because he's so much better on the left and Ferrari deserves a spot.

- Juventino