Thursday, 17 May 2007

Coppa Italia, Final (Ritorno): Inter 2 - 1 Roma (Roma win 7-4 on aggregate)



as hoped and almost-anticipated but not predicted, out of both superstitious fear and the knowledge that nothing is ever certain in football as in all areas of life, the 4 goal deficit proved too much for Inter to overcome, despite their not inconsiderable efforts.

Tempers ran high from the start, and Inter worked hard and looked determined. Though still 0-0 at half time, they came out with a bit of extra gumption and created 2 goals within 10 minutes, Crespo (scorer of both their away goals) with a great header and then Cruz. Recoba had a chance to make it three after Doni lost control of the ball in a Keystone Kops manouvre which left us all with heads in hands, but then Cordoba gave us a helping hand by being red-carded and joining Mancini (R) who had been sent to the stands for protesting earlier in the half. Roma finally looked a bit livelier and Perrotta finished things off scoring a lovely simple goal to make it 2-1, at which point all the fight went out of Inter and that was that.

Hearing Venditti's Inno echoing around the (rapidly emptying) San Siro was quite special and only made me crosser that I'd not managed to get hold of a ticket. Ah well. That makes Roma's 8th Coppa Italia, and the first for 16 years. Happy days. The first trophy of the era Spallettiana and let's hope not the last!


Aussie Romanista said...


Roberto Mancini is un bastardo interista di merda and I've no respect for him.
Inter merda!


Anonymous said...

Why do Inter's players and coaching staff always act as if there is a conspiracy against them when they aren't winning?
I'd be embarrassed to be an interista...but is there an interista anywhere that wouldn't believe in such a conspiracy?
Complete and absolute scum!

Bravo Roma. Seven goals in two games and you surely deserve to win, no matter how the opposition may complain. Add some depth for next season and become an even better challenger.

- Juventino

Romanista said...

Grazie Roma !
Forza Roma !

Antonio Gurrado said...

Clap clap clap clap clap
(and to Roberto Mancini and Massimo Moratti: crap crap crap crap crap).

Yesterday night I watched the recording of the match on RaiClick, like it was a movie, and it was really really moving - hope is the first of a series of trophies for Totti, his mates, their lovely president, their great manager and their "maggici" supporters!