Thursday, 24 May 2007

Campioni d'Europa

So Milan have won their 7th European Cup and deservedly so. No time to post about this properly but I will say:

- rather them than Juve or Inter

- Pennant is just like Wilhelmson:works hard and gets into great positions but does fuck all with the ball thereafter

- Zenden: why?

- I bet the scousers who succumbed to the temptation of filthy lucre and sold their tickets for up to €9000 are feeling a bit smug this morning

- only a churl could begrudge Lovely Paolo this medal

- he has now won it personally as many times as Liverpool, hehe

- whatever Silvio Berlusconi has on his head it is most certainly not human hair


voodoo girl said...

"oh, something hit me! what's that? oh, it's a goal. ok."

goals like that should not be accepted in champion's league final matches i tell you; glad that itallian stallions won though.

martinobhoy said...

The sight of Berlusconi with the Cup was the only downside of the night.

Why couldn't he have just stayed in the background and let Ancelotti and the players have their moment.

Oh sorry, that is a bit of a stupid question isn't it?

ginkers said...

It was great to see Maldini get the cup. They should have given him a cameo role at the World Cup so he could get a winners medal for that too. Is it too much to ask he plays on to age 42 to win one?

And that is boot polish Berlusca has on his head...

Antonio Gurrado said...

I was thinking that is a matter of destiny. The day the current Inter coach played (and lost) his only European Cup final, the current Milan coach already had won two.


de vertalerin said...

You're not going to get me to agree on this, you know.

But I thought that was a great - and rehearsed - goal, like the one off Gerrard's free kick when Poo played Shite.

What a bugger's muddle the ticketing arrangements seem to have been. I found myself wondering just how much money I would have to be offered to surrender a CL final ticket if Arsenal were playing. And you know what? It's a five figure sum.

a.c.t. said...

It looks like a dead ferret. Although in terms of ridiculous hair, Cesare Maldini wins by a mile.

Aussie Romanista said...

If Pippo hit the ball with his dick it would still go in.
They said it was rehearsed, and I wouldnt be surprised if it was.
A few weeks ago my team had a free kick on the edge of the penalty area and I said to my teammate taking the kick "just hit it hard at me on the ground" (thinking I'd try to steer it in). He did. I missed. But I'm not Super Pippo!
But the point is that players do try those kinds of things.

Pippa Inzagho said...

I'd just like to say that not only is old Fillipo (to whom I have no connection whatsoever) a superb, graceful striker with an eye for goal that Gerd Muller would jealous of, he's also devilishly handsome and a world class lover.

Pat said...

I think Inzaghi's first was more than just an accident. But who cares really, as long as another one of those giant shiney trophies is on the Red side of Milano.

As for Berlusconi... give him a break, if it wasn't for him Milan and Italian football would be a lot worse off.