Sunday, 15 April 2007

Roma 4 - 0 Sampdoria

As the Ultras Romani's striscione this afternoon read "Punto e a capo... Ricominciamo!" (Full stop, back to the beginning... let's start again!)

An excellent performance by Francesco Totti, reminding us of the player he's supposed to be rather than the spectre of last week, and a decent all round show to demolish a competent and energetic Sampdoria team who threatened repeatedly but couldn't make a decisive breakthrough. With Taddei still unwell and Aquilani (Still!) out injured, Mancini and Perrotta lined up alongside Tavano in front of De Rossi and Pizarro, with Totti up front alone as usual, and with Ferrari in defence replacing Cassetti who has a cold (typical). Goals from Totti -21' first half and 21' second, followed by 26' s.t. Ferrari & Panucci 42' s.t. De Rossi goal disallowed for handball in second half. Totti is now on 20 league goals for the season, from 31 games, with Lucarelli & Toni behind on 16 apiece, so still looking good for capocannoniere, not bad for a trequartista really.

It was dead quiet today. Roughly 40000 people they say but it looked and felt dead, partly in comparison to the amazing atmosphere of being home against Man U, and partly just cos everyone was so (understandably) subdued. The Curva Sud is still out of sorts, the breaking and remaking of ultras groups is ongoing and though a new group calling itself Padrone di Casa appears to have replaced Tradizione Distinzione who broke up in December, there is still quite literally a void at the heart of the curva, which is not good for the atmosphere. Some people had earlier been to Trigoria, our training ground, to protest about last Tuesday's performance. After chanting slogans for a while outside the gates, as a sign of their dissatisfaction they threw... carrots. Spalletti, a man who knows when to dead-pan, commented "We will keep them. They are still good to eat." I should perhaps add that there were approximately 120 kilos of carrots. And a few live ducks. Spalletti added, "Next time please bring some lettuce, I like salad."

Meanwhile after 8 wins on the trot Lazio could only manage a draw away to bottom placed Ascoli this afternoon, providing us with a little more breathing space after it seemed they might start to threaten our longstanding second place. The gap is now a moderately-comfortably 9 points, and the next home game... is the derby! it's a fortnight and yes I am already mildly excited, how could I not be?

The table now looks like this, with Inter & Palermo to play tonight:

Inter 80
Roma 65
Lazio (-3) 56
Milan (-8) 50
Palermo* 48
Empoli 46
Fiorentina (-15) 44
Atalanta 39
Sampdoria 39
Udinese 39
Cagliari 34
Livorno 33
Catania* 33
Torino 32
Siena (-1) 31
Chievo 28
Reggina (-11) 27
Parma 26
Messina 24
Ascoli 20
(Palermo & Catania have played 1 game more than everyone else)

So it's not all bad. Never seen a 4-0 victory less celebrated, mind. Posts on 300 and on Cosa Nostra will be forthcoming.


Meredith said...

They threw carrots? Is that some traditional Italian insult?

Yay for the return of internet access at home! I'd get considerably more work done without net access in my room, though.

I have a friend visiting this week; want to get together next weekend maybe?

Derby in 2 weeks, and you're still coherent enough to form proper sentences? I'm impressed ;-)

I'm guessing that I don't have a chance in hell of getting a ticket, it season pass holders only?

ginkers said...

A morale boosting win but it would take a victory over Inter, I reckon, to really undo some of the hurt. It's a shame a good season has been spoiled by one night of madness. Somebody told me recently that Roma had as many shots on goal at Old Trafford as Man Utd. I don't know if that's true but it shows how harsh football can be.

Still, the Doria win showed the team is still ready to fight in Serie A which is important with some big games ahead.

Spangly Princess said...

Carrots are what you feed to rabbits and conigli is what you call cowards. Chicken-hearted we'd say in english but rabbits to the Italians.

I'm still laughing about it though. And Spalletti's response.

will give you a call re: the weekend & the derby

Ginkers, that's more or less what I think. Speriamo bene per stasera!