Thursday, 26 April 2007

random pieces of information

who says that coherence is necessary, hmm?

today I have mostly been reading: Il Gattopardo, which is more wonderful than I can say; Il Corriere dello Sport, which is more full of derby hype than I can say

I have been listening to Fabrizio de André, Vinicio Caposselà and Tiziano Ferro

I have been mostly watching Chelsea beat Liverpool 1-0 (yay! can't stand liverpool) and hilarious José Mourinho spoof songs on youtube. Go search if you have a spare few minutes.

10 things randomly selected from my desk drawer:
  • a packet of needles
  • a box of cherry liqueur chocolates
  • my Curva Sud season ticket
  • apple flavoured lip balm from Spain
  • 2 metres of black elastic
  • a leaflet from the restaurant in Valencia where the cute Catalan boy works
  • assorted pens, incl. gold and silver
  • a copy of my doctoral examiners' report
  • a bookmark depicting the upper body of a goat emerging from a snail's shell
  • keys to my house in Oxford
Today I went to the library and it was shut, it being the 25th April and thus a national holiday here, a fact I did actually know but had forgotten. So my day has been a bit vague and bitty, kind of purposeless, not unpleasant but aimless. Like this post.

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punk said...

il gattopardo è un grande libro che vale la pena di leggere