Tuesday, 3 April 2007

only another day to wait....

... it's like counting down for Christmas. Only more exciting. And more important.

We had a a few warm-up choruses of 'Odio Manchester' on Saturday (to the tune usually used for Odio Napoli or Odio Bergamo. It's a fairly simple number, it goes OOOOOOOOOOO Odio Napoli, odio Napoli, odio Napoli, odio Napoliiiiiiiii! repeat as required, insert any 3-syllable town with correct emphases.)

Oh yeah we drew 1-1 with Milan. We played brilliantly and frustratingly and ineptly in varying proportions. Can't care about the rossoneri too much right now. *holds breath* I hope very much my dear and loyal readers that you'll all be giallorossi for the night? hmm? *stern glare*

am like a big child, sorry this post is rambling and pointless, that's how it goes. analysis and reason to retunr (hopefully) after tomorrow's game.


martinobhoy said...

The excitement is perfectly understandable. I am soooooo jealous. I wish we were there.

Bear in mind that Celtic pushed them all the way at Old Trafford (and but for a dodgy penalty.....) and beat them at Celtic Park.

And no fears here, there will be a little bit of Leith that will be giallorosso tomorrow.

de vertalerin said...

we're giallorossi around here as long as Arsenal isn't involved, and being diehard abus we have all digits tightly crossed for tomorrow. Even I feel quite nervous.

Anonymous said...

My pronostico: Roma 3 MU 1.
I'm getting nervous, heart beating faster reading pre-match articles on the net. It will be 2.45am here in Western Australia when the game starts. I won't be able to sleep before then. FORZA ROMA!!!

I was supporting Milan this morning (I support all Italian teams in Europe except Inter who are not Italian). Should have won 3-0 but they'll be lucky to go through.

Princess what do you make of this?
- Aussie Romanista

Anonymous said...

oh yeah.... Princess can you please please please take some fotos of the game, curva, coreografia, anything??
- AR

Danny said...

Ha, sorry to spoil Christmas but we will kick your arse, were playing better football than we have played in the last 5 years, should be a good game, will be watching it in a pub in Manchester.

TrentToffee said...

I hope it's a thriller for you (and myself, as a casual observer). With Vidic (especially) and Neville out I think Roma have an even better chance. Enjoy it :o)

Spangly Princess said...

well, so are we playing better football than we have for years, certainly more attractive and attacking.

and also, what on earth made anyone thing that comments from man united fans would be welcome here today of all days? *mystified* have I not made it clear that I run this place like a mid 1930s totalitarian regime? no tolerance for subversives, I say.