Monday, 23 April 2007

Lago di Como

well, it's not Rome is it....

so for Easter week I went up north to visit Nonna. Yes alas my family are from the north, though happily Nonna doesn't have the Comasco accent (minchia quant'รจ brutto!) and embarrasingly insofar as there is a family Italian team it would be Inter. Luckily I am not close to my paternal relatives as a whole, so the issue has never really arisen. Otherwise as behoves a denizen of the curva sud it would probably be my duty to knife them or something.

Anyway my nonni were staying in their villa on Lake Como for the holiday, which my grandmother inherited from her mother (for whom I am named) who had in turn inherited it from her mother Matilde, who was born into an aristocratic Milanese family. Like most wealthy Milanese families then - and now - they had a place by the lake to which they could retreat from the heat and bustle of the city. The palazzo in central Milan, due passi dal Duomo, was sadly bombed almost flat during the Second World War, and its address is now, google informs me, the seat of a national cultural & heritage association, also a guitar museum, a artists'/ craftsmans' workshop and a gym. The place up above the lake is all that remains of a once large family patrimony. But it's more than enough, frankly...
It's the pink house with the cypress and the barn to the left. The view from the villa:

My brother was there with a friend, and the grandparents have teh now-converted barn on the left of the pic so they can do their own thing without us interfering and vice versa (largely). Inevitably they are not so young and there was a lot of repetition and forgetfulness. But it was good to see them again, and of course great to spend time with my much missed brother (knwon to some of you here as Paul de Man). And elsewhere on the lake spring was springing, wisteria was blossoming and things were generally rather lovely.

Some people have complained that I don't put up enough pictures (AR I'm looking at you) and also complained that they don't like the pictures I do put up (AR I'm looking at you again ;-) ). The main reason for a dearth of pics in the past is that I've not had a camera, only my phone. However as you can maybe see I have now purchased a camera and there should be more pics. The invoice is in the post to Australia as we speak.


Anonymous said...

HAHA you crack me up Principessa!
I like these fotos. I've been so close to going to Lago di Como a couple of times, but the first time I was on my own and the second time I was with a mate (there's some Aussie slang for yas!), so I wanted to wait until I've got the right company with me because from what I've seen, read and been told it seems like a very romantic place where you can just forget the world.... oops is that a violin playing?? Luckily I'm taking my girl to a Paul Stanley (lead singer of KISS) concert tonight so it's back to electric guitar!

Princess I'm a bit surprised. Maybe I haven't been here long enough to know, but I thought you were English and I didn't know that you had any Italian in you.
No comment on the inter ancestry!
Is the invoice in Australian dollars or euro?

Spangly Princess said...

mate I have dual citizenship, am a fully paid up member of the anglo-italian gang.

dunno about romance, I daresay it could be romantic on Como but have never been there with a boy, only ever as a kid and with my family.

as for the invoice, you're welcome to pay in whatever currency suits you best!

de vertalerin said...

Oh, lovely photos, principessa. But you mustn't call it a 'villa'. It is not, and has never been, that. It's a farm, remember? And from what I hear from Paul de Man, that aspect is being well looked after these days.

I wonder if I shall ever go there again?

Spangly Princess said...

true, not a villa. Linguistic carelessness.

ginkers said...

Whatever you want to call it, it looks great. The ideal place to chill out, contemplate the view and ponder what players Roma need to add to their squad.

And Interista ancestry? The shame, the shame - at least mine only eloped with a goat! (That's a joke by the way).

tom said...

'Nonna Spangly' has a really cosmopolitan ring to it!

Lago di Como is great. I too have family round there, and in so far as there is a family team, it's Atalanta.

Is that really shit?

Spangly Princess said...

Atalanta? well their fans are largely an unpleasant bunch but as a side I don't object to them too much really.

also hello and that I'm assuming you're an OTFer?

tom said...

Indeed, but making only fleeting appearances by the name of Atteveld in those parts.

I couldn't possibly dispute any of what you just said, really...