Sunday, 15 April 2007

I can't face typing out the score, is that cowardly?

you all know what this is about. oh god oh god.

what went wrong?

first I have to say that we are NOT that bad. Really. Don't judge us on that game, nor Serie A neither. And Man U took all their chances, and played with a ruthlessness they've not shown consistently for some time.

we lost
possession incredibly easily and we're not that good at winning the ball back, we're used to having the ball much more of the time to set things up. it's not just individual players but the entire culture which suggests that forwards shouldn't have to track back. In fact Spalletti, as well as saying that he'd been naive and tactically outwitted (he could obviouslt hardly deny it), pointed out how impressed he had been by the extent to which Man U defended & pressed as a team, I think he noted something about Rooney in particular getting back to cover and how surprising this was.

individual players: Totti looked only half there at times. Vucinic.. no-one knows why he was played where he was, poor lamb, he'd only just got some confidence at long last from his goal in teh home leg. Why would you play a foward behind a trequartista? We obviously missed Perrotta, who is more of the hard-working ball winning type, and also Taddei. Cassetti also looked deeply mediocre, our squad is small etc but really it was tactical more than about player quality, for me.

Why did Spalletti not do anything to rearrange his side? huge acres of space were opening up down both sides for ronaldo and rooney to rampage in, and the defense and midfield seemed to be drifting in different hemispheres... it's hard for me to say what changes he should have made during the game, because it all went wrong so fast, but then it's not my job, it's his. I appreacite that you can't totally chuck your entire system out of the window for a single game, but if there's not flexibility then that's a serious problem.

but no-one came out of it with any credit it all and I still feel a bit nauseous thinking about it now
. thanks for those that sympathised, as Martino says there is no consolation though. the humiliation is profound.

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TrentToffee said... other thing I forgot to mention. Mancini is fatter than me. And slower :o)