Wednesday, 18 April 2007

googlism silliness

if you've never played with googlism I highly commend it to you, in an idle moment. You enter a name, of a person or thing or place, and google tells you what, to the best of its knowledge, that thing 'is' based on phrases it can find on line. Here is what I have learned today, though I have made a selection (not least to remove the innumerable Dutch entries):

as roma is now on line friday
as roma is number one
as roma is almost 150 million us dollars
as roma is by far a better side than liverpool
as roma is all for me
as roma is champion
as roma is my team and argentian is my country even
as roma is an italian soccer team that plays in the champions league
as roma is 74 years young
as roma is truly dear to the very imaginative and sweet hearts of the romans
as roma is only one player short of being complete
as roma is one of the best clubs in europe
as roma is showing firm athletic ambitions with the recruitment of the argentine
as roma is reflected in the intense coverage given to the game by the daily newspapers
as roma is a sign that one of football's superpowers may be stirring again
as roma is strong and they are masters in the art of defending
as roma is likely to drive a very hard bargain indeed
as roma is not doing well so far
as roma is making a good chance of winning this game
as roma is not doing very well in the local league
as roma is an important club in european football and many famous footballers have played for it
as roma is becoming wider
as roma is favored to win the scudetto
as roma is one of the biggest club in italy
as roma is not the same thing
as roma is seven points behind inter milan in the standings
as roma is dissolved
as roma is currently the serie a leader
as roma is looking at other offers from italian and foreign clubs
as roma is facing an injury crisis ahead of its showdown with inter milan this weekend
as roma is still far
as roma is born
as roma is concerned
as roma is not really my cup of tea
as roma is 2 points
as roma is my favourite team
as roma is the best
as roma is irrelevant

so, though not really my cup of tea, nor relevant, Roma is at least becoming wider, I'm pleased to see. And all for me. Ha. Sorry am in a silly mood.


de vertalerin said...

v. is entirely ice covered most of the time

v. is sprouting roots

arsenal is closed

nottingham forest is the other woman

patrick is delighted to announce that he will now be represented by cloud moss of cumulus presents

Romanista said...

as roma is all for me!

forza roma!