Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Euro 2012

So not entirely suprisingly UEFA have allocated Euro 2012 to the joint bid by Poland and the Ukraine. The other shortlisted candidates were Croatia/Hungary and Italy. The Croat/Hungarian bid had been functionally abandoned some time ago - no website updates, no press releases, no publicity, no government invovlement etc - but we thought we had a good chance. Of course, it's partly a political issue: new UEFA boss Michel Platini largely owes his election to Eastern European support (despite his Italian connections). But first Calciopoli and then the death of Raciti in February were probably the key things that finished us off.

I'm really disappointed in one way, since it could have been a chance not only to renew our stadia and infrastructure but to promote a new football culture here and (not least) show the world that we can actually combine passion with peacefulness, that we're not a hopeless shambles of a mafia-blighted corruption-ridden disorganised conglomoration of self-interested knife-wielding bastards with too much hair gel. Ah well. On the other, less selfish hand, it's almost certainly much better for the game as a whole, Eastern Europe deserves a hand in this regard, it will help promote football in Poland and the Ukraine, the economic benefits are considerable, it's good for Europe politically & socially and for the East in a footballing sense. So I'm not broken-hearted. The original proposals from e.g. Ireland & Scotland left me rather cold. And looking on the bright side, Zubrowka is tasty...


martinobhoy said...

To be truthful the Scotland/Ireland idea was a bit of a joke. The Scotland part seemed to depend on using three stadiums in Glasgow and two in Edinburgh.

Now bearing in mind that Celtic and Rangers in Glasgow and Hearts and Hibs in Edinburgh are not allowed to play at home on the same day how were our police meant to cope with the possibility of having German, Polish, Dutch and English fans (through sheer numbers rather than any potential trouble) in the same city on the same day?

Of course as a Scotland fan my concern is whether we'll actually have a team capable of qualifying by then rather than where it is going to be held.

Anonymous said...

Fucken bastards!
UEFA/FIFA mafiosi di merda !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

First the Olympics to Athens instead of Rome now Euro2012 to a bunch of amateurs instead of Italy. I'm pissed off! I want to experience a tournament in Italy!
Useless Italians better get their house in order.

Shep said...

I used to live in Poland waaaay back when I was an actor, and used to go see KS Hutnik (Krakov's team) play every weekend. I still miss it.

When a goal is scored, you have to jump up and shout "EXTRA!". I tried to get a replica Hutnik shirt, to be told that the only make them for the team. I'm not even sure whether they were just fucking with the foreigner.

But the Poles love their football. So good on them.

TrentToffee said...

Their football hoolies love a good punch up as well. Mind you so do there coppers, and they know how to use their big sticks.

Expect lots of news coverage of Polish football hoolies planning ambushes for invading Germans and Englanders (should they defy form and qualify).