Thursday, 26 April 2007

derby nerves

... Totti might be out. Christ. He's been injured since before the Man Utd debacle, where he played through his injury with predictable results. He's got a bit better since then but despite sitting out the Atalanta game last weekend he's not right. Sigh. In fairness he's rarely at his best in derby games anyway, I think he almost takes it too much to heart. But that's not the point, he's our bandiere, ce n'abbiamo bisogno.

Lazio fans are flapping about whether they'll be able to put on a decent coreografia or not, what with the new regulations against banners.. I ought to note that since Cragnotti left and the Irriducibili haven't had the funsing he used to supply both directly and indirectly they've not done anything really spectacular in the derby anyway, not at least in comparison to some of their impressive coreografie in the past. If you want to see pictures of Lazio's past coreografie go and google. It'll be a cold day in hell before I post them here.

Anyway the unlovely Achille Serra, prefect of Rome, has announced that he doesn't intend to enforce the anti-striscioni regulations too strictly anyway, so not to worry. Um... the man responsibile for law and order in the capital has publicly announced that he's not going to bother trying to enforce a brand new piece of legislation?!! I mean, the legislation is shit and should never have been created, but that's sort of not the point. I partly think, fair play, you're standing up and pointing out the innate stupidity of the new law. But the government have perhaps right to be a bit pissed off...

luckily a mate is coming over tonight so I shall have some company to distract me from thinking about Sunday all the time. You never know, it might just work.


Anonymous said...

Showing some Lazio tifosi coreografia wouldn't be as bad as showing Inter tifosi celebrating a "scudetto", which is much more of a crime against humanity, in my mind.

I don't see much wrong with outlawing striscioni. Granted, some are funny, some have nice messages, but a lot have political messages. Maybe just no striscioni with political messages or derogatory to any individual would be a fair law. But then it gets subjective. In any case I haven't read the wording of the law.

- AR

TrentToffee said...

If it's any comfort, remember how good Totti has been since he broke his ankle. Hell ! He'll be like Batman/Superman/Spiderman (Spiderman for me) after yet another injury :o)

I seem to recall that some of the Lazio banners have been pretty unpleasent in the past (i.e. the Arkan stuff, etc). Wasn't that why the new laws were drafted ? I wonder if senor Prefect is going to supervise the making of any banners ? Just to ensure that they're funny/fitful/tasteful, not too offensive.


Pat said...

Hope Roma win. If Milan can sneak into 3rd that means they have to drop 2 places rather than 1 to miss out on CL next season.

ginkers said...

I'm hoping that the defeat by the Viola will have dented Lazio's run of form anyway. Even with Totti out you should be more than a match for them, as long as you can get a goal in front. They always look most dangerous on the break to me.

Antonio Gurrado said...

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