Wednesday, 7 March 2007

evviva la MAGGICA!! Lyons 0 - 2 Roma (Roma win 2-0 on aggr.)


"un po' di tecnica un po' di samba un po' di tutto" (Mancini sums up after the game)

We're in the quarter finals! fuck me but I never expected that. Especially aft5er our failure to even score at home. Totti brilliant and starts of the scoring with a very typical goal - his fourth in the Champions this season) then Mancini ("da Garrincha" said the Corriere dello Sport this morning with semi-permissible hyperbole) with an amazing stepovertastic solo goal by Mancini , two goals before half-time, Lyon totally lost and demoralised. HAVE SOME OF THAT!!!! Outstanding keeping from Doni to keep them out, general all round stonking performance, total over excitement, everyone driving around honking their horns and shouting.

Totti mentioned after the match that beating the french again after berlin was an extra pleasure. haha. Happy Birthday Mister Spalletti, 48 today, what a top birthday present that is.



jimhancot said...

Well done Roma. I'm disappointed.

Oh and Van, please translate Italian quotes and stuff more often. Please!

And well done to you for the WSC article. Yeah!

punk said...


martinobhoy said...

Congratulations on a fantastic performance.

See you in the quarter finals! (I hope)

TrentToffee said...

...good performance by Roma and Totti during the 90 mins. Not so good after the match - if his post match comments are accurate. Leave it in Berlin boys, you won !

ginkers said...

I enjoyed it in particular because of how sickening the praise of Lyon has been in recent times in the UK. They kept being billed as a great side playing great football so it was brilliant to see Roma put them in their place!

How I fondly remember those European nights when Batigol used to strike at Old Trafford, Camp Nou, etc, etc, etc. May they return soon!

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to be a Roma supporter. They've always been like Spain in the world cup - so much potential but never live up to it. If you support Juve or Milan then you just expect these results and you'd be pissed off when they don't win the whole thing. (Forget Inter, they don't deserve anything and they're not even Italian in my eyes, and their supporters must have severe character flaws to call themselves so).
Being a Roma fan is more romantic, because you never know what you're going to get, and when you get some success like 2000-01 or reaching the last 8 in Europe you appreciate it so much more than a BIG euro club fan. Before the scudetto win we just hoped to make the uefa cup places, but I think Capello (yes that traitor bastard) brought in some much needed professionalism.
It's results like this one (and beating Valencia & Real in Spain) that helps to change that perception of our mediocrity but they need to occur more consistently.
I hope they can step up again and again, maybe like Monaco a few years ago. I'd love to see a Roma-Milan final with a Roma victory. Even though I love Milan in European finals and it would be nice to see Maldini retire after winning the CL again. But I'll keep dreaming that it can be our turn.
that's all... I know it's not my blog site, sorry!!
Forza Magica Roma!
- Aussie Romanista

de vertalerin said...

Ah well done you (and GO Valencia too). Your little brother watched and got very excited.

Me, I'm in mourning. What especially upset me was to see the stadium emptying last night after Alex's (second) goal. (It was clear from the very start that he was going to be a major pain in the arse, and so he proved to be). There''s been a lot of talk from Hammers fans lately about how the team aren't 'fit to wear the shirt'. After last night I feel (more than ever) that most of Arsenal's season ticket holders aren't fit to have such a fantastic young team playing so beautifully. They needed some support, ffs. Cesc even tried to gee them up but they're beyond anything as unsophisticated as enthusiasm, it appears. Fuck them. I could weep. In fact, I did.

Spangly Princess said...

sorry jim. The thing at the bottom is one of our chants, it's along the lines of make way, the giallorossi are coming through.

De Vertalerin: interesting, a few Roma players in recent interviews have made comments about 'we want to be worthy of the amazing fans we have.' Shame the arsenal fans don't feel like that about their team. I was sad and astonished that PSV won.