Friday, 9 March 2007

Champions' League Quarter Finals

... and we have Manchester United. OH MY GOD!!!! Part of mew feels YEAH BRING IT ON YOU FUCKERS and part of me thinks oh god oh god oh god it could be fantasically humiliating.

But I'd love to make it to the away leg for that, what a great experience. We're at home first, unluckily, but I'm not too fussed. I'm so incredibly stoked about having got this far I don't really mind.

The other ties (but come on, who cares, frankly) are Chelsea-Valencia, Liverpool - PSV and Bayern - Milan.


TrentToffee said...

Humiliated ?! That just isn't going to happen. Roma can take these fuckers. Apart from Ronaldo who is there to fear ? Rooney ? (excuse me while I spit - *@! - that's better) Well he's a flat track bully, he looks good at Sheffield Utd on a cold Monday night, but put him up against a continental defense and he's rather ordinary.

I think you got one of the better ties. Liverpool/Milan/Valencia are cute, Chelsea/Bayern are relentless, PSV are stubborn. Man Utd are ordinary. Believe it, you can take these f... :0)

de vertalerin said...

Come on, we beat them home and away in the league this season. Get yerself a ticket, and if you can buy another couple while you're about it, do.

And they've got a wee bit of a striker injury problem at the moment. Trenttoffee's right, Ronaldo's their star, break his legs and you'll be fine.

patcook said...

its interesting that no matter who you draw (and i use you in a general sense) you always feel like you can beat them. Even if you cant find a stat to support it, its like you become completely ignorant to logic and reason. i have often been subject to this feeling. I think trent has a rather severe case at the moment.

As for Rooney being ordinary, I think his fantastic its just that i think he plays at his best when he is the focus of the team and with Ronaldo, arguably the worlds form player (easily in the top 5 at the moment), Rooney isn't such a focus. I also think ferguson has messed him up a bit by trying to make him versatile and play various midfield roles when needed. I think this is silly, he certainly has the skill to do he just doesn't look comfortable doing it.

And not to be totally cynical about Roma's chances but Man U's striker shortage simply puts them on a level playing field with Roma, whose only world class striker is totti and the rest are...who??

But the preformance against Lyon was strong and if that Roma team keep turning up in Europe they could go right to the end