Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Successful arrest?

The police say that video & CCTV footage clearly shows the moment at which Inspector Raciti was hit in the torso with a metal bat or club, and also possibly with a piece of sink broken of from inside the stadium. It seems that that the individual responible, who appears from the footage to be a teenager, is very possibly already in custody. A further nine Catania ultras were arrested last night, of whom four are under 18 - including their chief suspect, a boy who already has a police record for violence, who has however continued to deny his involvement. Identification from video footage is made hard not only due to the fact that many of the hooligans had covered their faces, but due to smoke from flares and torches as well as the inevitable difficulty of filming at night. Police say that whilst no homicide charge has yet been made they remain confident that their investigation will shortly be brought to a successful conclusion.

Meanwhile their investigation has uncovered a few more details: as the Palermo fans arrived, police were attacked not only by the Catanesi lying in wait outside the stadium but by an armed group inside the stadium who endeavoured to make their way out. Raciti was one of the unlucky few who got trapped between the two groups, and briefly encircled. The investigation is being headed by the director of Catania's organised crime unit, which tells you how the police view the incident.

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jimhancot said...

Hey SP

Have linked to you on the famous 'Irish League Forums' where they're discussing the topic, and you're getting some positive feedback, unfortunately you need to be signed up to read it, including a male friend from back home who's VERY interested in the fact you're a Roma ST holder and super intelligent to go with it, didn't mention anything about spangles, shoes etc :)

Good stuff again. Sounds like a whole revamp of Italian football is needed, facilities, security, eradicating 'hooliganism', the lot. Whether they're up to the task is another matter...

And btw, broadly agree with your sentiments on a healthy 'vent' for nationalist feeling, in a way I should be glad that black players, Poles etc were part of the German football team during the summer, will be just interesting to see whether it remains a healthy sport-related patriotism or whether it spreads out to other fields of interest...