Sunday, 11 February 2007

and now for something completely dif... no, wait...

Serie B played yesterday (Juve drew, yay) withouth any problems. Photos of the empty stadia during the games, the San Paolo in particular, are eerie to the point of unsettlingness. Meanwhile Milan have manahed to erect 28 turnstiles in the nick of time and their season ticket holders will be admitted to watch the game - no away fans or 'casual' fans though. I bet the guy who had those turnstiles in stock has made a profit beyond his wildest dreams. So 5 games to be played normally - Cagliari's ground passes muster - 1 'semi-open' at Milan and the remaining behind closed doors.

Am off out to the match now, Roma-Parma. Funny, I've been blogging about football-realted issues all week and not once had time to think about the actual match. Who we're playing, who's out injured. I feel a bit funny at the very thought of today's game after all this polemic. And I'm curious to see how, if at all, security and crowd behaviour at the Olimpico will differ.

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ginkers said...

It was strange watching the Viola in action with no crowd in the Franchi. Although, if any team has got used to playing behind closed doors it is probably us.

It has been the most bizarre time for followers of Serie A. All sporting matters seem to have gone into the background and we have all become experts in criminal law, ground safety and turnstile provision.

Here's hoping we can get back to just talking about offside goals, dodgy penalties and the Zona Champions sooner rather than later.