Thursday, 8 February 2007

17 year old charged with murder

... A.S., 17 years old, Catania season ticket holder from a shopkeeping family, has been charged with the murder of Filippo Raciti. The murder weapon has been confirmed as a piece of sink. The boy has been in custody for several days, and secret filming in the holding cell shows him nodding when asked by another young ultra 'was it you?' This, along with footage of the crime showing a youth with covered face, seems to be the key piece of evidence right now. Is that not, er, rampantly illegal?? to secretly film suspects in custody and then use it as evidence? if it isn't surely it should be. He has denied it repeatedly under questioning. Meanwhile an informer from within one of the ultras groups has been helping police with their enquiries, including providing leads on the Forza Nuova connections.

Later, to reward the patience of those among my readers who are wholly uninterested in this story, I might even get round to writing about something else. I had an interesting dream about my grandmother last night I'd like to tell you about.


Anonymous said...

Illegal??? Who gives a shit! Point is they got the guy, and I for one couldn't care less how they do it, be it through secretly video taping, torture, beating the crap out of him, watever.
First you're in tears that the officer was killed, bringing shame on the game and the COUNTRY!!! that we love so much, then when justice starts being served you question the legality of it? F*** that. If it IS him then I hope he rots in jail, and I couldn't care less how they get him. I've got no time for dotting i's and crossing t's or any lovey dovey legalness. The world is f***ed up enough without letting more criminals go because evidence is inadmissable in a trial. If you were Mrs Raciti you wouldn't object to secret video taping, you'd be glad.

Maybe you've become used to the idea of Italians getting away with things like is emdedded in the Italian psyche. It sickens me that, as many have stated, the violence in football stems from the deterioration of Italian society. It's a country losing its identity and its romance. And although I don't live there I'm Italian, I've seen Juve supporters causing trouble at the Olimpico and fighting police, Milan supporters throwing objects at families in the Delle Alpi, and I've seen enough in Italy to realise that nothing gets corrected or fixed and corruption reigns. Well this time I hope that for a change the perpetrators get it shoved right up them.

Apologies for my harshness, I'm just fired up and angry about this whole thing, especially because I'm Sicilian and I love calcio and Italy and I long to be there.

...your Romanista friend from Australia.

Shep said...

Wholly interested in this story Princess! Don't stop - these updates are better than what I'm getting in UK...where the story has by and large disappeared. Keep it up xx

a.c.t. said...

Anonymous Romanista from Australia, not dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's is something that Italy has been guily for a long time and unfortunately this complacent attitude is partly to blame for this whole disatrous situation in the first place. Corruption and cutting corners is what we what to stop hapening here. The world is fucked up as it is, as you say, and that is exactly why.
Mirror what you say Shep, I don't even need to read the newspapers.

claude said...

Dear Romanista in Aus,

'Lovey dovey legalness' is what makes parliamentary democracies.

You seem a bit confused about this: whilst Italy is at once losing its romance, in the grip of social deterioration and endemically corrupt, you suggest that the best thing to do to effect a speedy turnaround would be recreate Abu Ghraib to ensure we Get Our Man.

If justice isn't unimpeachable then it isn't justice.

claude said...

And please keep covering this, spangly.

Spangly Princess said...

Thanks Shep and a.c.t.!

Hi anon from Oz, I'm afraid as far as I'm concerned you couldn't be more wrong.

The entire problem here in Italy is corruption, blatant disregard for the law, the feeling you rightly observe that people can get away with stuff which is at the root of football violence as it is of many other problems in Italy.

And surely the laws ought to be obseverved by the police & justice system before anyone else: if they don't, who will?

I'm sure you don't seriously mean what you say about torture either. We are talking about someone ACCUSED of a crime NOT CONVICTED. We are also talking about a 17 year old. Christ almighty.

I very much hope that they get the right guy and that as and when a conviction is secured through all the correct legal channels that the perpetrator of this crime serves the maximum possible sentence. But what you describe as "lovey dovey legalness" is better known as JUSTICE and is preceisely the point here. We need a system which respects the laws, where the laws themselves are worthy of respect and are applied fairly and equally to all.

Anonymous said...

ok fair enough. I was angry. I realise my comments were over the top. I'm not barbaric and I do believe in proper and fair justice. It's just frustrating and infuriating that this has happened, coming from someone who has grown up following Italian football like a religion from afar, and I've traveled around Italy to see it and saw the Azzurri lift the trophy in Germany last year which was all a fairy tale come true for me. Now it feels like that fairy tale has been tarnished because of the reputation and perception the rest of the world has of us and it's insulting.
But I still believe that the video camera confession should be allowed if it wasn't beaten out of him. Again, put yourself in the family's shoes.

- Romanista, Oz.

Spangly Princess said...

Mate, I do understand in that I too feel incredibly wound up by this. (As you might be able to guess from the amount of time I am dedicating to blogging about it!)

I love this country, I love this country's football, I hate to see either blemished by this kind of unthinking arseholery. But in fairness the 'fairytale' has always been a bit of a mirage. This is not new. LOTS of people have died in football related violence before. But it's always been fans before... and who cares about them, right?

Martha Elaine Belden said...

wow. that definitely should be illegal. surely they can come up with better evidence than that! do they even have sound to be sure that that's what the other person was asking him when he nodded?

i'd like to believe, "of course, they have sound... that'd be ridiculous otherwise"... but injustice is such a scary thing. i definitely hope they caught the right guy... and i hope they find better evidence to support it.