Thursday, 25 January 2007

wine! food! exes!

for christmas I was given, by a fabulously wealthy and largely estranged relative, a mixed case of seriously nice wine/ spirits.

It includes: a marc de chablis 1979, a bas armagnac Chateau de Lacaze 1983, a Sibarito Jiminez sherry, a really beautiful looking 1984 Sauternes Doisy Dubroca, a bottle of champagne, an amarone, a barolo, a white burgundy, a Beaune red, a claret, and a couple of others I can't be arsed to get out of the case to check right this instant.

So last night my brother and I invited (HA!) both our exes round for dinner. Obviously we all still get on well. In fact, my ex and my brother went to see Joanna Newsome together last week. And brother's Ex is also superlovely. I made linguine with aglio, olio, peperoncino with scallops and king prawns, followed by a selection of good cheeses (oxford blue, st felicien, conte', a crottin, a very ripe brie) with some good bread and celery and red grapes.

So with the primo we drank a Clos du Papillon Savennieres 1997 Like this only '97 obviously. It was fruity and aromatic and rounded and full, but with enough acidity to work with the rich garlicky seafood pasta. Seriously good.

Then with our cheese we drank this:
Only a 1995. which we had decanted a couple of hours earlier. It was lovely, rich and complex though in all honesty I was expecting something a little heavier and more substantial even than it was.

Then we had a little half bottle of Moscato from the Veneto whose name I don't now recall with some clementines and some turkish delight. And then an armagnac as mentioned above. It was a lovely evening, and I'm not even hungover today. Yay! No grappa, though, since I get plenty of that at home.

Today I'm meeting my brother's intimidating new girlfriend for the first time, so wish me luck.


ginkers said...

I like the sound of this estranged relative. If a case of fine grappa ever arrives you know who to call!

de vertalerin said...

I wouldn't expect the Cissac to be heavy; refined and stylish, but not as ballsy as an equivalent quality Burgundy.

We drank a goodly proportion of the Brother's equivalent case at Christmas. And we drank the health of the wealthy estranged one... remembering the song we always used to sing at the end of vast and costly meals out in Italy, which went:

E sempre sia lodato
Quel fesso chi ha pagato

to the tne of 'for he's a jolly good fellow'.

punk said...

apri una cantina
eh, spangles!;)

Red said...

Think how terrified his girlfriend must be at meeting you! Sisters are scarier than girlfriends, so you must be gentle.

Nice dinner, BTW.

martinobhoy said...

Can you tell the relative I'm a long lost nephew in time for next Christmas?