Monday, 15 January 2007

spring clean

had a bit of a fiddle with the settings and the look of things to freshen things up a bit, and entertained myself with drawing a an implausible princess crown. it looks a bit as though it's been made of cast iron, perhaps by the palace armourer in a spare five minutes, and would doubtless help ward off any glancing blow from a light sword as well as weighing about 30 kilos and providing a useful nesting spot for any passing birds. I had a vaguely Jan Pienkowski idea in mind but I think you can see why I'm not an artist.


ginkers said...

I like the crown, althought I have my doubts about its practicality on the Curva.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

i, too, like your crown. and i like the new look of things :)

a.c.t. said...

Like the new look and the crown is lovelier in pink.