Monday, 1 January 2007

a make-up recommendation (warning: make-up content)

One for the girls, this one. Unless any of my male readers want to own up to regularly wearing make-up?

I've always loved BeneFit products, being initially drawn to their funky (and much-imitated) packaging and quirky product names, and also to the fact that they had dreamt up products which seemed genuinely different from other things. Then I ended up selling the stuff in Boots for a while, so got to know the range pretty well.

The quality is mixed: none of it is shoddy, but some things work better than others. And there are a number of love-it-or-hate-it items in the range which divide opinion pretty sharply amongst my girlfriends. But something which I can recommend absolutely 100%, the cast-iron, it absolutely always works, Ronseal does-exactly-what-it-says product is this: She-Laq.

It's a make-up sealant. Doesn't sound terribly glamorous or exciting, I know. Patience, ladies.

Last night I did my make-up about 9pm. I did a kind of complicated eye make-up thing with three different shadows (MAC and Clarins) and coloured liner (violet gel liner from MAC, also highly recommended) and then glitter liner over the top (from B, Lush's sister store that does make-up). Then I covered it with a layer of She-Laq. Which is a clear liquid with a slight smell, as you put it on you think it might be sticky but as soon as it dries you can't feel it at all. It doesn’t sting at all, though it kind of tingles a bit as it dries, and it has never caused me problems with my intermittently sensitive skin.

So then I went clubbing and danced til 8am. And when I got in I tumbled into bed at about 10 without taking my make-up off (shocking behaviour I know, breaking all the rules). And when I got up at 3pm my make-up still looked EXACTLY as it did when I first did it, some 17 hours previously. Notwithstanding the 8 or 9 hours of sweaty dancing, the tipsy snogging, the rubbing-eyes-with-exhaustion, or the sleeping. It was not all smeary or half-way down my face, nor was any of it on my pillow. HA. I don't know how many of you have much need for this kind of endurance thing but it is ace, and though a bit pricey a little bottle lasts for ever and ever. And whilst you're buying it, they do lovely glittery things too.


de vertalerin said...

Blimey. I think you should write and tell BeneFit about that. Who knows, they may send you a free bottle.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried BeneFit but I do use MAC and it is very good. I don't really wear much make up these days, mainly because I can't be arsed to take it off again, but it's always worth spending a bit more on good quality products.