Monday, 1 January 2007


A very happy new year to you all, may 2007 bring fulfilment, fun, frippery, funds, frolics, family happiness, health, hope, holidays, hilarity and yes I know I cheated in the middle there. This week I have been most achieving adequate although average alliterations. Sorry, don't know what's come over me.

So I was going to do some kind of reviews of 2006 and have been distracted, doing christ knows what. They might appear over the next few days.

Meanwhile I hope you all had a great NYE, whether exuberant or peaceful, and that the wind & rain I've been reading about in the UK hasn't drowned you yet, if that's where you are.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Edinburgh. It was certainly a wild night here with the weather.

Who would have thought it? Scotland in the middle of winter.....

* (asterisk) said...

Happy new year, Spangly. Have a great one.