Tuesday, 16 January 2007

ah what the hell

I'm going to have a bash at translating at least one of the Benni poems. Seeing as clearly, from the comments, my Italophone readers are already familiar with him.

Schizophone Answermachine

Stefano Benni here
I'm temporarily out
of my mind
please leave
your full name
and number or else
how the fuck can I get back to you
as soon as I've regained
control of my nerves
it will be my priority
to call you back. Please
don't blow raspberries
or belch or swear at me
or make smart-arse remarks
in the hope
you'll cheer me up. I'm not well
straight after the tone.

It doesn't rhyme, of course, which is why I chose this one where the rhyme scheme is less important than in the others. Feel free to suggest amendments and improvements.


de vertalerin said...

very nicely done, I think

* (asterisk) said...

Nice job, Spangly. And you've gone and changed the look of everything. What a big surprise. Liking the crown pic.

ginkers said...

Spangly, here's my attempt using a fair bit of artistic licence...

Manic message

Stefano Benni
Is briefly away
With the fairies today.
I’d ask you to leave
Your details conveyed
Or some f***ing aid
To help track you down
As soon as I’ve got
A grip of my nerves
When I will make sure
I call you back. Please
Don’t try to be smart
Make the sound of a fart
There’s really no need
To belch or to curse
It’ll make me feel worse.
Speak after the tone.

a.c.t. said...

ginkers, you are a genious. Now you really are you really are you are e si e si

ginkers said...

Grazie ACT, have a fun break with the writing!

Spangly Princess said...

now that piece of genius right there, ginkers, is why I don't do literary translation. Superb.

ginkers said...

I had good fun doing it, Spangly. Many moons ago when I was a student I used to get a lot more practice.

de vertalerin said...

Exactly so, that's ace. And why I don't do literary either.