Monday, 18 December 2006

Roma 4 - 0 Palermo!

so although we were only 1 point ahead of them going into this 2nd vs 3rd clash, we still managed to give them a fairly convincing tonking.

We looked like a completely different team from this time last week. Started really brightly, fast, attacking, working well together. Excellent games from Totti, Mancini, Perrotta, Pizarro, Mexes and Tonetto who has grown massively in confidence since the start of the season. Totti was fantastic, worked really hard, created loads, his old self in short, and at long last Mancini looked like himself again, great runs and finding space where noone else does. He & Tonetto work really well together. Pizarro's technical abilities are amazing and he creates loads, everything that goes through the centre comes from him; but there are often moments of tactical daftness, a bit like early Joe Cole I guess, great skills but not always resulting in much. For them, Bresciano & Amauri stood out and also their keeper who made some stupendous saves, notably off an excellent Totti free-kick in the second half.

The ref wasn't great, disallowed goal apiece and made a few rather odd decisions... one bloke behind me shouted at one point "aĆ²! chiedo un cambio! sostituzione per l'albitro!" whilst someone on my left was shouting fantastic abuse at him "Abbastardo! Stronzo! Finocchio! Cieco! Prete!" I can't help but think how unlikely it is for any English ref to get abuse along these lines...

Our first goal amazingly didn't come until 44', an absolute screamer from Mancini set up by Totti, followed in the second half by a penalty won by Taddei and scored by France', then a second from Mancini orchestrated by himself and Taddei again, and finally the fourth, somewhere between an own-goal and a very hefty deflection from Biava, but awarded at least by the stadium announcer (haha what a surprise) to Totti, who is now league top scorer, with 11 goals in 16 games.

so, still 7 points behind Inter... but a bit more cheerful than last Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

I love insulting referees. Fortunately with the standard we have in Scotland I get plenty of practice.

Did I mention that we've yet to get a penalty this season?

Anonymous said...

You were well worth the win and once again showed why watching Roma is never dull.

Still, I fear that Inter are too far clear and showing too few of their usual signs of weakness. How is Perrotta's injury?