Monday, 11 December 2006

Lazio 3 - 0 Roma. cunting fuck.

porca puttana che partita di merda. 3-0. Three fucking nil. Christ on a cunting bicycle. Thanks, lads, for really putting in an effort.


Totti started despite his ankle problems, we started ok, played moderately brightly at first with some nice stuff from Pizarro, then as soon as we conceded just before half time we just fucking disintegrated. our defending was shocking, Mexes made a few (uncharacteristic but awful) errors the mid-field were just absent, our concentration was non-existent, no-one seemed to know what they were doing, we were lucky not to have Totti off, and as a mate pointed out by text we could have played until christmas and not fucking scored. There was a complete pasticcio whereby Doni was first sent off and then not sent off after all, and.. oh bollocks to it if you want a match report you can get one somewhere else. hehe. sound reportage you get here, I know. but tough.

they totally deserved to win [/gritted teeth]

but 3-0?! christ all cunting mighty that's a humiliation you could at least have put some effort in you shower of useless twats. seeing as we did, with our pre-match coreografia, and our singing. am totally hoarse. far and away the best roma performance of the night was from the fans. Oh and Marco Delvecchio, bless him, who always scored against lazio even when he was playing like shit, and who came and watched the match from the Sud with us & waved a giant banner and suchlike. Cue chants of 'Spalletti, fa entra' Delvecchio!'

it's dead wierd being in 'your' stadium and it being full of people celebrating against you. obviously, it's not Our stadium at all. but it feels like it is normally, being an away fan at home is quite disconcerting. your own stadium being full of bastards waving some other colour and celebrating against you and singing cori contra and so on. it was AWFUL. the massive wall of noise that went up each time they scored and at the end, the whole curva nord leaping up and down incessantly.

let's look for the positives: nobody stabbed me. Woo!

That's it.

I have more to say about the experience, the coreografia & its organisation, the singing, the journey, the emotions, all that. but not tonight. I'd like to leave you with this pleasing song, to the tune of Don't cry for me Argentina:

laziale pezzo di merda
tutta la curva ti insulta
questo canzone è per te
con tutto l'odio che c'è
sempre più grande....

e minchia ma quanto è più grande l'odio dopo stasera


Anonymous said...

Cant really add anything to that. All you can hope for is that at the end of the season it is an insignificance to you and a tiny glimmer of light in the darkness to them. In 2000-01 Celtic won all three domestic trophies but we still lost 5-1 to Rangers at Ibrox.

Which reminds me, our away day derby is on Sunday.

* (asterisk) said...

So you're not a happy bunny, then? Still, not getting stabbed is good, right?

ginkers said...

You were restrained on my blog but not so much here. Lazio were very hungry for the win but, just the same, I never expected that result.

Anonymous said...

Sembri una persona intelligente e interessante.
Peccato il finale, ma stai a rosica'.
Un consiglio? Passa a 3. Perché se ne hai presi (di nuovo) 3, si vede. :-)
Just an easy after-derby banter, nothin' personal, he he he!


Spangly Princess said...

hehe great, just what I need, laziale banter!!

but welcome anyway...