Sunday, 10 December 2006

Derby Day

why o why am I awake at 8am on a Sunday morning when I only got in from a night of wine, whisky and more wine a scant 5 hours ago?

ah yes because it's the derby. that's why.

io che porto nel cuore
soltanto l'amore
per questi colori
nel gioie e dolori
che vinca che perda
la lazio รจ 'na merda
per questo cantiamo
dai Roma ti amo
e sosteniaaaaaaaaaaamo

I might try to get a bit more sleep now.


martinobhoy said...

You just cannot beat derby day. It's live on Bravo 2 over here so I'll be watching.

Enjoy and get home safely.

ginkers said...

Just passing on my condolences after the game. I thought you were going to win easy and then everything just seemed to fall apart. Forty minutes of brilliance followed by an unbelievable collapse.

Anyway, I know you'll be hurting so I won't say any more...