Friday, 29 December 2006

Christmas Parcel!!!

My pressie from Paul de Man has arrived!

It is a rescuing, resuscitating and reviving parcel containing a selection of delightful, decadent and delicous treats to comfort, content and console:

A long letter (still to be read)
Georgette Heyer These Old Shades (old and much loved)
Georgette Heyer The Convenient Marriage (likewise)
Ngaio Marsh A Surfreit of Lampreys (and again)
Elizabeth Jennings Selected Poems (and once more: I've been missing her wisdom, I now realise)
Jarvis: The Jarvis Cocker Record (Brand Spanking new Gifty!!)
Adaptation with Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep & Chris Cooper (Another shiny new Gift!)
Henry James The Ambassadors (loan, I think, from PdeM's considerable library)

you big star xxx

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pdm said...

I got a pretty stonking t-shirt yesterday- you too are awesome. Thank you!