Sunday, 24 December 2006

Buon Natale a tutti!

A very Happy Christmas to everyone, and especially to my lovely regular readers & commentors, a.c.t., Red, *asterisk, Martino, Ginkers and Neil, as well as de Vertelarin & Paul de Man (who as family will get a phone call as well... luxury!) and tantissimi auguri to my occasional droppers in and lurkers like Jim Hancot, Marv, Matt, Lyra, Marco, Bernardlion, Veneziano, Codazzo, Liq, Ursus, the Deathbeast, and you secretive non-commenting types as well. Even those of you in Salford. (see how full of festive spirit I am!) Your comments and feedback are hugely appreciated and cheering at all times, so thanks.

I have eaten a huge dish of sautéed peppers, potatoes, chickpeas and artichokes (I am in Rome after all, where it's illegal not to eat at least a kilo of artichokes a day...) which was dead tasty, and polished off best part of a bottle of delicious Primitivo di Manduria. Now I'm going to retire to bed with some more of Buffy Season 3 and some 75% cocoa solids chocolate. [Not forgetting to Let the Blessed Candle Burn. (this is an injoke with my late grandmother, and now a family tradition in her memory, leaving a candle burning on Christmas Eve).]

much love to all and have a lovely day tomorrow



codazzo said...

merry christmas!
(I've been playing jingle bells on my harmonica all day.. even while I was walking... alone.. :D)

punk70 said...

merry christmas!:)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you!

and thanks for stopping by my site and for your wonderful comment. and i'm going to add myself to your regular readers' list

i see you over at red's and *'s pages all the time... so i'm excited to read your words on your own issues from here on out.

hope you had a good one!

* (asterisk) said...

Auguri, Spangly. Hope it was a good one.

Anonymous said...

hi sp.

hope that you had a nice christmas and will have an even better 2007.

a.c.t said...

Grazie cara. Hope you had a lovely time, I'll be posting about mine later.

Red said...

Carciofi alla guidea...mmm... bbboni!

Hope your Christmas was splendiferous, pet.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good Christmas and looking forward an even better New Year.