Friday, 24 November 2006

tooth update

so the pain in my tooth, resulting from the wallop it took from an ultra's elbow, I sucessfully dulled on Sunday night through drinking a bit and getting quietly stoned til it stopped hurting. But on Monday it hurt so much I ended up going to the dentist.

which in fact was quite funny. I got the number of a dentist off a mate. ... sorry, we're terribly busy... ah you're a friend of X, of course, come this afternoon.

So they did an X-Ray and it's not fractured though it could still die, about which there's nothing they can really do. Basically, here's a load of anti-inflammatories and painkillers, keep it clean, of you go.

About paying, sez I... 'remind me whose friend you are again?' ... 'ebbeh... [expansive arm movements] non ti preoccuparti, come back next week, we'll make some arrangement.' hehe il solito sistema italiano.

Anyway the reason it's so painful is that the damaged nerve within the tooth has no real room to swell up, and the tooth space is obviously quite constricted, so the swelling and the damage actually travels up the nerve, through the cheek, sinus area and into the zone behind the eyeball. bugger me was it painful. basically the whole left side of my head hurt like fuck.

S0 I'm feeling much better now, and hey, what's a smack in the gob in the face of a 7-0 thrashing? [/tough hoolie type]

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a.c.t said...

Ouch! I got elbowed in the face a couple of years ago at the V festival and had a terrible black eye for two weeks. These people and their elbows..