Sunday, 1 October 2006

ROMA 1 - 0 Empoli

Say we are top of the league, say we are top of the league!

P 5 W4 D0 L1 (F10 A2) 12

Well I don't imagine that the couple of hundred fans who'd traipsed down from Empoli for this afternoon's game enjoyed it all that much, sunshine and balmy breezes notwithstanding. Montella scored mid-way through the first half, and though they had a few decent chances the never really looked like getting much out of it, whilst we managed to cock up numerous decent chances down t'other end. We played pretty well, pacy, passing the ball around nicely, getting good crosses in (though too often without anyone being there to receive them). The defecen still looks a trifle makeshift, mind, with Panucci moved into the centre alongside Ferrari given the absence of both Mexes and Chivu. It was in this fixture in February that Vanigli (not playing today) knackered Totti's ankle. And he's still not really right, very clearly… a couple of moments today showed both his vision and his lack of full fitness.

Calciopoli and its aftermath rumble on. The Boys/ Ultras Romani put up a striscione reading "Moggi, Ventura, Mentana – frocio, troia e figlio di puttana!" Which translates roughly as: faggot, slut and son of a whore. (Political correctness not doing so well here in Italy…) Enrico Mentana (on Berlusconi's MediaSet) and Simona Ventura (on Rai 2's flagship festival of silliness, Quelli che il calcio…) have both not only hosted Moggi on their respective shows but did so with the kind of fawning sycophancy normally reserved for aged war heroes. The total failure of journalistic integrity, whilst no surprise to anyone here, has seriously pissed people off. It's so soon, as much as anything else… Plenty more anti-Juve songs as well (not much to dislike about Empoli really so little or no anti-Empoli singing). My favourite anti-Juve song, sung I think by more or less everyone, goes like this:

Il Lunedì che umiliazione

Andare in fabbrica servire tuo padrone

O juventino cuccia piselli

Di tutto quanta la famiglia Agnelli

E la juve merda, juve juve merda

E la juve merda juve juve merda


So, what with Milan drawing 0-0 at home, and Inter managing to cock things up as per usual by only drawing 1-1 at Cagliari, a pretty decent weekend all round. 3 useful points for Fiorentina, at last, beating Catania 3-0 at home, and also for Livorno who won away at Messina to continue their good run. The only downside really is the 4-0 tonking handed out by Lazio to poor old Torino, away as well… but as they're still at -2, 14 points behind us, I'm not grumbling.


a.c.t said...

I actually managed to almost watch the whole of the Milan game before switching it off in disgust - Italian football is going to the dogs. Apparently when Moggi appeared on Quelli Che, he still denied everything. What a c**t!

ginkers said...

You really shouldn't grumble, I am just dreaming of the day when the minus sign disappears in front of the Viola's total! A good three points on Sunday, but a long way to go.

Any thoughts on Palermo as potential Scudetto rivals? Watched them beat Chievo last night and, although, they weren't brilliant, this is a strange season and strange things might happen.

Then again, probably not...

De Vertalerin said...

Palermo seem to have whacked West Ham good and proper last week, though that's not been terribly difficult since their fabulous stroke of luck destroyed their successful system.