Wednesday, 25 October 2006

happy post

so it's really boring reading about people (me) whining on all the time (here) so as I'm all happy, if cold, I thought I'd tell you some of the things I'm happy about. Which for the sake of anal retentiveness I shall make into a list. yay for lists.

I'm happy because....

1. I'm making a list. lists are great. (it gets better, don't worry).

2. I'm back in England for a week with my wonderful brother! yay.

3. I'm going to see my friends from 40% and OTF in London on Monday and gossip a lot. and meet some nice new people I'm looking forward to meeting.

4. My new flat in rome is really nice.

5. My new bedroom is huge and spacious and once I've decorated and furnished it a bit will be lovely.

6. My new flatmates are lovely and funny and intelligent and the whole sharing thing will hopefully be fine and not a nightmare like I was worrying.

7. I'm still getting (slightly) thinner.

8. Am feeling positive and motivated about my work, some ideas are sort of coming together.

9. My brother has introduced me to the joy of the marvellous Dinosaur Comics.

10. The examiners' reports on my doctorate have come through at last, which will be useful and interesting and enable me to finally formalise things.

11. My hangover from Sunday night has finally gone (though the bruises and feelings of mild anxiety about what I did and said remain).

12. I have managed to stop brooding and feeling rejected and have put the stronzo in question out of my mind. Largely.

13. Mexes is back from injury and Mirko Vucinic may actually start tonight against Ascoli which is cool and Totti has finally scored in the league and I really REALLY wish I was going to be there and not missing it but this is a list to be happy on so I'm ignoring that and instead focusing on how well we played in the second half on Sunday.

14. The lovely tweed and satin fishtail skirt I bought in Poland 4 years ago suddenly fits again, when I had abandoned all hope of its ever doing so.

15. Being back in England means curry and fish and chips and noodles from the Red Star noodle bar on the Cowley Road. Yumtastic. Though too much 15 may revoke 14.

16. When I get back to Rome I shall get my 5 Disaster Prints framed and put up. My brother gave them to me last year but I haven't had anywhere to put them (my house in Oxford is full to bursting) so am really looking forward to putting them up at long last. You can see them here, they are called 'low mood with a loose rail,' 'toaster oven and a gas leak,' 'bad map and a loud mouth,' 'late night long walk high hopes' and 'a figure eight too soon in december.' What do you think? A bit weird or totally ace or both?

17. I'm only here for just over a week, thank goodness, and soon shall be back in the land of sunshine, decent coffee, pizza, archives and la maggica.

18. Pete Doherty and Babyshambles were on my plane over here yesterday and we had a bit of a chat and shared some boiled sweets which was cool.

19. I feel like things in Italy are going really well, I'm making friends, I'm getting some freelance translating work, I'm going out and socialising, I'm having fun, I'm still incapable of using the subjunctive correctly but hey you can't have everything.

20. I managed to make a list of 20 things I feel happy about! woo! that must mean things are good, yes? maybe?


Red said...

Life sounds good for you, Princess (though I'm not sure I'd want to share a plane with Pete Doherty, boiled sweets or not).

Now, about those subjunctives...

Shep said...

Good for you!

I grew up in Oxford, worked in St Clements (Comic Showcase Oxford) off the Cowley Road, was sick outside the Radcliffe Camera, Oh I could go on...oh so many memories.

Haven't been back in ages. Say hello for me!

claude said...

I hadn't noticed that you revoked you rather lovely 'I'm here for a whole week' with 'I'm only here for a week, thank goodness'. Toad. xx