Saturday, 16 September 2006


dunno why - maybe it's because I've been a bit crap about taking my medication - or maybe it's the rain - or maybe it's the Other Reasons I am strenously if not totally successfully trying to pretend aren't there, but I feel shit today.

A friend invited me to go shopping with her, which I did., in the hope that it would be better than lying on the sofa gazing blankly at nothing. But I'm not sure it was. At least, not for me. She bought a very nice Cavalli handbag. So it was probably better for her. I had a coffee. And gazed blankly at an array of consumer goods. Though with hindsight an out of town shopping centre on a rainy saturday afternoon isn't greatly conducive to cheer in anyone other than 14 year old girls.

And tonight I'm going out for dinner with another friend. Purely on the grounds that it's apparently not acceptable in our society to turn down someone's invitation on the grounds that you'd rather spend your saturday evening lying face down on the floor weeping a bit in a mire of pointless self-pity. wierdly enough.

I totally appreciate the gross and unreasonable ingratitude of being here in the best city in the world and feeling so crap and I apologise wholeheartedly.


Patrick Porter said...

sorry to hear you're feeling shit. Hire out 10 videos and watch them in one sitting. You'll feel much better, or at least distracted.

take it easy,


Spangly Princess said...

cheers P, is that the patented Porter misery cure?

De Vertalerin said...

blimey, Spangly One, me too. And it is fantastically difficult to work feeling like this, translating's bad enough but revision...

Don't you dare skip your medication, and try and do something different (and non-comsumoption related) you've always fancied doing.

Patrick Porter said...

it has worked on thousands.