Monday, 25 September 2006

Parma 0 - 4 Roma

woohoo that's how to get over losing to Inter at home mid-week. Fluent passing, confidence, a clean sheet & 4 goals - from Montella, Perrotta, Rosi and Aquilani. That brings our total league goals scored to 9 in 4 games: and 9 goalscorers. De Rossi, Mancini, Taddei, Pizarro and Okaka in addition to today's 4. In the CL Totti has scored too. So it looks like last season's ability to get gaols from all over will hopefully be replicated (last season we had at least 15 goalscorers if memory serves, and 2 of those who have scored so far, Okaka & Rosi, have just scored their debut serie A goals). And l'Aeroplanino is back! given that he scored 20+ goals in Roma's woeful 04/05 season, only to be sidelined for nearly all last season with his back injury, this is great news.

as act has already pointed out, Inter's valiant though ultimately unsuccessful efforts to throw away a 4-0 lead at home were pretty funny. As was Milan's 0-0 at Livorno. La Viola though are plunging ever deeper into crisis: unless sonething changes pretty smartish there's no way they'll overcome that handicap, and Toni may be off in January (not got a great track record has he?). They certainly look like the most likely candidates for relegation so far.

Valencia managed to scrape a 1-1 draw at the Nou Camp this evening, dauntingly, so I don't know if we'll manage to get anything from them on tuesday, but at least we've shown some bouncebackability as Mr Dowie would say. The table looks kind of interesting, Inter first on 10 points, followed by Palermo and Roma jointly on 9, Empoli and Messina on 8, Siena and Udinese on 7, then Atalanta, Catania and Livorno on 5. At the wrong end of things, behind Samp on 3, Milan are up to 2 (!) joint with Ascoli, Cagliari and Torino, followed by poor old Chievo & Parma on 1, Lazio at -5, Reggina at -11, and finally Fiorentina at -16. Maybe it would have been less cruel just to send them down with Juve than to make them struggle through this awful season.

and finally a home win for arsenal, so good news all round.


Paul de Man said...

Wish had time to engage. Miss you very much. Yr blog looks interesting and I have thinsg to say, not least that Krauthammer has good chat. Ho ho, loathe me. I love you very mjuch, the tour is phenomenonal and I am in love with the phenomenon that it is.


a.c.t said...

I was at Ashburton Grove on Saturday to witness the first home win of the season - I like to think I brought the boys luck ;-) I was sceptical at first about the new stadium, but it is pretty magnificent.