Monday, 11 September 2006

other stuff

(which I felt should have its own post)

so, it's not actually my birthday *just* yet, it's on the 19th, I just wanted to share my supercool picture with you all. But thanks for all the good wishes.

god I'm happy to be back. Walking back down from Piazza Flaminio after the match on saturday Rome flet not like a big foreign city but like a rather familiar and manageable town. I've been drinking a lot of coffee. The man in the pizza shop made lots of complimentary remarks about how much weight I'd lost. The greengrocer wanted to know about my holidays.

I managed to make a small child cry today, a little Chinese girl of about 3 or 4 who stared at me with big dark eyes, so I smiled at her and she went 'waah' and screwed her face up and turned away from me, managing to fall over and scrape her knee in the process. Everyone turned round and looked reproachfully at me. All I did was smile, it was rather distressing.

match report to follow at some stage, have been a bit busy since then, er, catching up with someone, you know how it is...


Red said...

First of all: how did you lose weight? I want to know all your secrets (surely it's not just down to that Nivea cream, is it?!). I need to shed 5kg by January, which is about one kilo a month. I've been told it's quite manageable, but I seem stuck at the moment (which is better than putting on, granted, but still...).

Children will cry, that's their job. Don't feel bad about it.

Spangly Princess said...

mostly, alas, by the unexciting method of Eating Less.

I stopped going to the fridge every time I was bored, restless or taking a five minute break from work. I do some stretching instead on my little breaks.

I stopped feeling obliged to finish everything on my plate, and made an effort to pay attention to my stomach tellign me it was full.

I started cooking smaller portions of pasta. I ate a bit less cheese and a lot more veg.

I started drinking loads and loads of water, since often I think we think we're hungry when actually we're thirsty. and I drank less booze (though I didn't quit, just cut down a bit)

I've gone from a 16-18 to a 12-14, and from a largish 36F to a smallish 34E.

Red said...

Whoa, that's impressive, well done! I am still paying the price of several years as a veggie, when I would eat pasta twice a day, every day. Heaven for my taste buds, hell for my hips.

I am now reintroducing some meat to my diet and trying to eat a light protein-rich, carb-low meal at dinner. I am lucky that I don't really snack, and I don't eat/like sweets... nah, my sole downfall is the evil carb.