Tuesday, 5 September 2006

global self-validation ahoy

Having a blog is inherently quite a self-indulgent thing to do, in many respects. And using SiteMeter to monitor your readerships is vastly more so.

However it's intermittently entertaining. I can share with you the locations of some of my readers, and some of you will be able to spot yourselves on the list and think ooh that's me and I get to bask in the importance of having a global audience.

1. Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK
2. Cavallari, Sicilia, Italia
3. West Ham, Newham, UK
4. Grays, Thurrock [where the hell is this??]
5. Adelaide, South Australia, AUS
6. Prestwich, Salford, UK
7. Impruneta, Toscana, Italia
8. Cubitt Town, Newham, UK
9. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
10. Modesto, California, USA
11. Harlow, Havering, UK
12. Palermo, Sicilia, Italia
13. Edinburgh, UK
14. Bracknell, Bracknell Forest, UK
15. Favara, Sicilia, Italia
16. Lambeth, London, UK
17. Melbourne, Victoria, AUS.
18. Belfast, UK
19. Morley, Leeds, UK
20. Greenford, Slough, UK [I have a reader in Slough?!]
21. Phoenix, Arizona, USA
22. Roma, Lazio, Italia
23. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
24. Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
25. Berlin, Germany

I know who a lot of these people are, or can take a decent guess seeing as I know a couple of people who lurk here. Go on, comment. You know you want to. But it's nice that there are surprising and inexplicable things too. Cool. Maybe I'm interesting.


Red said...

I have a feeling that "Grays, Thurrock" is me and/or * (asterisk). I believe that Thurrock is in South Essex and we're in North Kent, so it's like a big catchment area for that corner of Britain. I wish my location said Tunbridge Wells, though...

Spangly Princess said...

aha I see. that's cool.I wondered if it might be you.

ginkers said...

You can add Dumfries, Scotland, to that list. How cool is that? On second thoughts, don't answer that...

de Vertalerin said...

wot, no Nottingham?

Your grandfather used to teach in Grays. That's where the fifth form A stream kindly explained, 'we, sir, are the cream' to which he replied, 'ah yes, the scum that floats to the top'.

Spangly Princess said...

that was a 25 selected from a week when you were away in Scotland I think, deV. there were also about half a dozen other locations in Sicily, oddly. I just made a selection.

martinobhoy said...

Number 13 for me?

Although a lot of the locals where I live would say I'm Leith and not Edinburgh.

So how does the site meter work?

punk70 said...

che strano!
hai molti fans in Sicilia!;-)

* (asterisk) said...

Red beat me to it.