Sunday, 17 September 2006

and they say romans can't drive....

a mate told me this story yesterday (possibily limited interest but it made me laugh an awful lot)

he was coming on to the roundabout at piazza dei re di roma, when a guy who had double-parked on the roundabout tried to pull out into the traffic in front of him. this bloke merely managed to block the traffic entirely by plonking his vehicle almost perpendicular to the flow of traffic.

My mate (L) winds down his window.

L: Aò, mo' che fai?

Other bloke: Aò, che c'hai?

L: ma.... ti risulta che è una manovra lecita? [visto, as he observed to me, che chiaramente non lo era. came the immortal response:]

Mi risulta che semo a Roma mica ar paese!

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Red said...

It's funny, I can drive with perfect confidence in Italy (although I have never tried it in Rome), but put me on a Kentish road (or in a right-hand drive car, for that matter) and I don't have a clue what to do. * (asterisk), on the other hand, often has his hands over his eyes in Italy -- and not because I'm at the wheel, I hasten to add...

I like the "Aò", really captures Rome!